Tuesday, January 29

My Poor Comb

Yesterday while doing some spring cleaning, I saw my comb n decided to give it a good wash. After soaking it in soap water, I scrub vigorously to remove all traces of dirt. Feeling proud of myself, I left the comb to dry overnight.

This morning when I picked up the comb, to my horror, the wooden comb was crooked. I must have left it in the water a tad too long yesterday. My immediate genius action was to bend it back. Lo and behold, the comb snapped.


Stupid things people do when they panic

Wednesday, January 2

Easy Way Out

Isn't it easy?
To pretend that nothing had happened and get on with your usual life
I wish to live like you too
But why do I keep clinging on to the bitter memories that I do not want?

Wednesday, October 17

Kyoto Day 0

I miss Kyoto a lot
It's such a nice place, it's the first time traveling aboard that as soon as it was over, I wished to be back again

Me and hubby wasn't particularly looking forward for a honeymoon trip during our wedding
However when cheap flight tickets to Kyoto popped up, I told flysheep, let's make Japan our honeymoon destination
It was an instant OK
Flysheep has been such a big fan of Japan culture when he started to engross in anime and manga
He just couldn't resist the temptation
Heck, since we were going to splurge for honeymoon anyway and spend a fair amount of money, might as well go for somewhere that he has been dreaming of
Hence, Japan (Kyoto), here we come!

As fate has it, our flight was delayed and we arrived in Osaka Airport 2 hours behind schedule
It was 11pm and all the direct trains/buses heading to Kyoto has stopped running
I have originally booked for a place in Kyoto but decided it was better to spend the night in the airport
A taxi to Kyoto could easily cost us more than rm1000. It just wasn't worth it
Just when we were about to give up, we saw another couple with the same problem asking for help 
A japanese guy with fluent english (which was rare) taught them how to buy local train tickets
Secretly, me and flysheep decided to tag along behind their back

On the first train, we befriended the couple and the japanese guy diligently taught us how to reach Kyoto
It was a challenge because we were about to catch the last midnight train
Had we missed one, we will be left stranded in the train station in an unknown place
After bidding a tearful goodbye to the kind hearted japanese guy and his friend, 4 of us were left with our first adventure in Japan
We had to switch 2 trains, running across platform with only 10mins apart
The first train switching already sent us into panic mode
When the train stopped, both sides of the door opened. Left or right??? I couldn't make up my mind
A young lady silently gestured us to get out at the right door. She must have heard us chattering away in the train. Oh thank you so much
And off we rushed, locating the next platform. I was leading the pack. Once located, I turned around in excitement but couldn't see the others. The other couple were struggling with their luggage. Luckily we only had 1 and hubby had no sweat carrying it down the flight of stairs. They caught up soon before the next train arrive
The second switch was a much easier one. But the cold air stung us. It was pass midnight and the wind blew strongly. I ransacked for my own jacket as I previously stole my hubby's one conveniently and left him stranded in the cold. Hubby must be cursing silently in his heart
When we climbed on the 3rd train to Kyoto, we were exhilarated. It was like winning a race. It also meant we were able to sleep in proper bed that night. Whew...

We reached Kyoto at 1am. After bidding the other couple goodbye, we stepped outside the train station
It was then it finally hit us, we are in Japan!
We were too caught up in the adventure prior to this and did not have time to properly take in the view around us
But the wind was SO FREAKING COLD. I trembled as we braved the cold wind, walking our way to the hostel

We found the place effortlessly and dumped our luggage
Went out to the convenience store across the street to grab our dinner. We had a melon bun, an onigiri and milk to fill up our empty stomach.
We were busy checking out the hostel, the room itself and finally took a bath
We only crushed into the futon at 3am
Oh, it couldn't be more tiring for a prelude to an overseas trip!

Thursday, August 9

2012 1st Post

Now there, I've done it.

1st post of the year in August??? Where have I been?

I remember having lots of skin problem, even up till now. Though it is now way better than before.

I remember I cooked a lot too. Where are those mouth watering food photos?

I remember squeezing my darling dry by extorting him to bring me to Japan for honeymoon. What? No post on a 9 day trip?

I remember getting an expensive camera for myself. Should have many random post with it.

I remember picking up some sewing skill and came up with a few handicrafts. Where are they?

Well, maybe I need to start digging into my old photos and perhaps try to crank up a few post with what's left in my memory.

Tuesday, December 13

Hong Kong Trip 2011 - Day 3

Day 3. we have practically the whole day to ourselves. there was this highly rated dim sum shop around Mong Kok. since dim sum is the food of hong kong, i decided to give it a try. we queued up for the shop to open and took our number. then we went to have some light breakfast. unfortunately, both required queuing and flysheep's dad nearly blew up because he was hungry and needed food. bad planning on my side T__T lastly we dapau some yao char guai and bought some lo po bing before heading back to our hotel to eat.  

With a half full stomach, everybody is in a lighter mood and we headed to the shop again. Seriously, what a disappointment. you should just forget about this place. not sure why everyone is making such a fuss about it. the dim sum shops around penang island win it hands down. hardly any competition at all!

The only food worth trying is the char siew pau. but the char siew is also so-so. the crust outside is what makes it special. 

The rest of the food is either normal or hardly worth a try. the carrot cake sitting at the edge of the photo is the worst. everybody complains, what the heck...

After our double breakfast, we planned to do shopping around Mong Kok. However things are expensive. we gave up and headed to the airport instead.

The nice roof in the airport. we needed to check in at Terminal 2 but boarding gate is located at Terminal 1. what a fuss traveling back and forth. you really need extra time to travel between them. else you might run out of time to board the plane.

Food was cheap in Terminal 2 but we went to Terminal 1 to have dinner. everything is more expensive over there. but this shop at the very end of the food court sells delicious food at a very reasonable price.

We left Hong Kong with loads of cash in hand because we did not manage to do much shopping. Hong Kong is a beautiful and clean place. but 1 visit is enough for us. there really isn't much sight seeing to be done in the small island.

The flight back is noisy with kids (and their parents too!) playing on their iPad with the volume turned up, people talking loudly for hours when it was late night and we could have gotten a quick nap. oh well, all kinds of people you meet while traveling.

Hong Kong Trip 2011 - Day 2b

Yet another must-visit place, Victoria's Peak. the map guiding you from Central MRT to the Cable Car Station is pretty comprehensive. but the walk is tiring because it is a uphill climb. we queued up for the cable car. you always come across some rude tourist who basically shoved you away to get their favorite spot. sometimes I just wonder why can't people wait more patiently for their turn...

The ride was pretty short. the air quickly turned cool as we went up. we were greeted by bruce lee again! this time in his famous yellow suit. we happily took turns to take our individual photo with him. nobody wanted to pay to get into the wax museum though.

The sky terrace. you can pay extra money to go to the top.

Outside the sky terrace there is a nice spot for photo taking.

But I prefer taking photos from inside the building. Here's one beside Burger King. the sun was setting and this building totally caught all the lights and blinded us with its reflection.

We did pay extra money to get to the top of the sky terrace building. (tourist, duh...)  the sight is pretty from the top!

I do not know how, but flysheep managed to capture this golden photo of the setting sun. suddenly we are in some nature mountain sea scenic place.

We patiently waited for the sun to set and bumped into some rude tourist again... it's pretty annoying! but the view is very rewarding. this is Hong Kong's glorious image.

Hong Kong in bokeh!

One last one before we leave this place and call it a day.

Hong Kong Trip 2011 - Day 2a

We started a new day again in Mong Kok. had breakfast in McD. saw a hello kitty doll wearing McD suit for sale. was very tempted to buy one (not a big fan of hello kitty but the costume was very cute) but moments later one girl came along and pasted 'sold out' sticker on it. duh...

Next stop, Wong Tai Sin temple. like, whoever would miss out this temple in a visit to Hong Kong? the temple is strategically located just outside the MRT exit. and the MRT station name is, Wong Tai Sin... you don't even need to ask for direction! upon reaching the entrance we were taken aback by the hoards of tourist arriving early in the morning. we went along and offer some prayers.

They have this very nicely decorated incense stick for sale.

We went ahead to donate some money to the temple. flysheep's dad said, hey use our currency note, then they'll know someone from our country donated them. all of us played along. 

Visitors were tying red threads hoping to find the love of their life. while flysheep's siblings proceeded to do so *cough*, I held flysheep's hand and thanked the god-of-marriage I have already found mine.

Next off, we went to the central and took a bus to Aberdeen. we were hoping to see the Jumbo flaoting restaurant. instead, it was a jetty with a small boat that would bring you to the large boat that was no where insight. 

There were many boats offering a ride that would bring you closer to the floating restaurant and around the jetty area, with a small fee of course. 

It was very hot by noon and I was eager to leave the place. we waited a long time for the bus to arrive T__T When we reached central, I was pretty tired. flysheep took over and brought us the the mid level escalator. we went up and up.

I spotted the place I was planning to have lunch. lucky us there was no need to wait. we were ushered into the small shop and cuddled at one corner. hong kong's shop are mostly very cramped with customers sitting back to back.

This place is famous for its pork chop burger and milk tea. the burger was the best that i have tasted so far, even better than macau's.

We saw a table that ordered the french toast twice. must be tempting! after we finished our food we ordered one to test out. delicious!

Next we went to pick up some egg tarts. i read online most people waited 20mins to get their tarts but I was surprised there was not a queue in sight. hopped in and out in 5 mins.

We strolled towards Man Mo temple but upon reaching it, nobody wanted to go inside and have a look. instead, we took a seat in the garden opposite it and consumed our egg tart. OMG the awesomeness!!!! I will definitely miss these egg tarts!!! the crust is crunchy on the outside. once you take a bite, the whole thing threaten to fall apart because the egg inside is so soft. YUM!

Monday, December 12

Hong Kong Trip 2011 - Day 1d

We headed to Tsim Tsa Tsui for the Light Symphony. it was dusk and the buildings were slowly lighting up.

Illuminated skyscrapers. the best of Hong Kong!

Zoomed in version...

And another visit to Bruce Lee. it was surprising to see so few tourist standing around the statue.

Next was the boring wait for the light show to start. we took shots here and there while waiting

As the clock ticks closer to 8pm, tourist started to show up and grab up good positions along the pathway edge. we quickly joined it. and so the light show begins!

The show was very short but not too bad.

We were starving at the end of the show. Grabbed a quick dinner at SOGO departmental store. the food court underneath is highly recommended. cheap and nice food! it's limited to japanese food though.